ANNEX II - Small Scale Hydropower - IEA Implementing Agreement

Participating Countries

Advantages of International Co-operation

The advantages of international cooperation are:

  1. to benefit from the experience of programs in other countries
  2. to disseminate technological improvements among participating countries
  3. to provide information and statistics on the present state of the hydropower industry
  4. to exchange experience in dealing with environmental issues
  5. to reduce duplication of effort in developing training programs

Contributing Countries

IEA Small Hydro currently benefits from the active partipation of the following countries:

United States

How to Join

Organizations in several other countries have indicated an interest in joining. Developing countries can participate as associate members. Increased participation is welcomed because it benefits both the new members and the existing ones. For further information on joining contact the Small Hydro Administration.

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The Small Hydro Gateway has been redesigned and updated to take full advantage of the benefits of the web. New features have been added including a comprehensive database of small hydro innovative technologies.

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Kearon Bennett, P. Eng.,
Operating Agent and Secretary
Annex II, Small Hydro
IEA Hydropower Agreement