ANNEX II - Small Scale Hydropower - IEA Implementing Agreement

Directory of Contacts

People listed in this directory are qualified individuals interested in providing information about small hydro to the general public. To be added to this directory, please SIGN UP or modify your ACCOUNT SETTINGS if you are logged in.

Last Name First Name Title/Role Field of Activity Company/Organisation Contact Details
BARRY SOWPITH president Project Development africa.w.w.energy sa
Organization: africa.w.w.energy sa
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: Guinea
City: conakry
Phone: 224 620 10 20 16 /
Mobile: 224 65713 6713
EMail: africa.w.w.energy@gmail.com
Details: on going small hydro programs and activities in guinea and west Africa . potential sites that are being promoted for development.
BATBAATAR OYUNBAT Overseas Relation Specialist Consultants - Project management Creative Mongolia
Overseas Relation Specialist
Organization: Creative Mongolia
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Project management
Country: Mongolia
City: Ulaanbaatar
Phone: 976-70100507
Mobile: 976-99909396
WebSite: www.investinmongolia.org
EMail: oyunbat@investinmongolia.org
Details: We are looking for investor partner to our 286M usd hidro power plant of which the feasibility study is made of Japanese reputable consulting company. It has 16%ROI. Please contact us for more information. Skype: ob.partner
BATONG SHAIFUL general manager Government whssb energy venture sdn bhd
general manager
Organization: whssb energy venture sdn bhd
Field Of Activity: Government
Country: Malaysia
City: kota kinabalu
Phone: 6088266192
Mobile: 60138511333
EMail: shaifulbatong69@gmail.com
Details: to share information in developing small hydro plant
BAUER HANNES Mag. Organizations ECREEE - ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for West Africa
Organization: ECREEE - ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for West Africa
Field Of Activity: Organizations
Country: CapeVerde
City: Praia
Phone: 00238 2604 652
Mobile: 00238 97 10 590
WebSite: www.ecreee.org
EMail: hbauer@ecreee.org
Details: On behalf of ECREEE, ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in West Africa, I am in charge of the ECOWAS program for small scale hydro power. ECREEE was founded in 2010 and this program developed by ECREEE and approved by West African ministers of energy in 2012 in Ghana. The program undertakes data collection, trainings, GIS HP mapping, policy support and development of private sector within micro, mini and small hydropower. Further information can be found on the webpage www.ecreee.org and on the RE and EE observatory for West Africa, www.ecowrex.org.
BEHM HANS-CHRISTIAN President Project Developer Canadian PowerPlus Corporation
Organization: Canadian PowerPlus Corporation
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: Canada
City: Bowen Island
Phone: 604 916 1027
Mobile: 604 916 1027
WebSite: patented Adjustable Weir Technology
EMail: hcbehm@canpowerplus.com
Details: The patented Adjustable Weir Technology developed by Canadian PowerPlus Corporation is a method to increase power output by increasing the nethead downward, keeping the tailrace water level constant at different flow rates without using more water.
BELLO JOSEPH Associate Civil Engineer Consultants - Engineering MWH GLOBAL
Associate Civil Engineer
Organization: MWH GLOBAL
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: USA
City: Middleton
Phone: 608 830 2947
WebSite: www.mwhglobal.com
EMail: joseph.bello@mwhglobal.com
Details: Potential sites that are being promoted for development
BENNETT KEARON Operating Agent and Secretary Organizations IEA HIA Annex II, Small Hydro
Operating Agent and Secretary
Organization: IEA HIA Annex II, Small Hydro
Field Of Activity: Organizations
Country: Canada
City: Ottawa
Phone: 613 820 8234
Mobile: 613 820 8234
WebSite: www.small-hydro.com
EMail: kjb@ottawaengineering.com
Details: Also President of Ottawa Engineering Limited, a consulting company dedicated to providing small hydro engineering services and equity partner in two operating small-hydro sites with a combined installed capacity of 1 MW.
BERSELLI ANDREW Business Development Manager Manufacturers ATB Riva Calzoni Hydro Canada Inc
Business Development Manager
Organization: ATB Riva Calzoni Hydro Canada Inc
Field Of Activity: Manufacturers
Country: Canada
City: Vancouver
Phone: 4037086986
WebSite: www.atbrc.com
EMail: andrew.berselli@atbrc.com
Details: ATB Riva Calzoni is a hydromechanical supplier for small hydro. From water to wire we take care of all the mechanical equipment.
BETT SUGE Engineer Engineering and Operations private
Organization: private
Field Of Activity: Engineering and Operations
Country: Kenya
City: nairobi
Phone: 254724357555
Mobile: 254733984551
EMail: bettwilson33@gmail.com
Details: i am mechanical engineer with wide knowledge in energy technology and current practicing in the country's leading energy generating company.
BEYE IDRISS Power Engineer Government MINEE
Power Engineer
Organization: MINEE
Field Of Activity: Government
Country: Cameroon
City: Yaoundé
Phone: +23770115818
EMail: idrissbeye@yahoo.fr
Details: I'm working in the government of Cameroon in the field of hydropower development and I'm really involved in many hydropower project. I want to become an expert in the said field. I'm available to work with you and provide you many information about on-going project in that field. Regards.
BHASKAR MITHUN Dr Consultants - Engineering Mathworks
Organization: Mathworks
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: India
City: Bangalore
Phone: +918978279000
EMail: mmbaskr@yahoo.com
Details: Works extensively in the renewable energy area.
BHENDE UDAY Sr. VP & Business Head Manufacturers Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited
Sr. VP & Business Head
Organization: Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited
Field Of Activity: Manufacturers
Country: India
City: Pune
Phone: +91 20 25457940
WebSite: www.kitlgreen.com
EMail: uday.bhende@kirloskar.com
Details: 1. I head the small hydro initiative of our company 2. Associated with development of new technologies in this area 3. Well aware of small hydro initiatives in India and other countries 4. Aware of regulatory approvals required in India for small hydro plants 5. Will commence project management for setting up entire small hydro power plants within 4-6 months 6. Manufacturers of small hydro turbines
BIJLWAN R C Director Project Developer Him Urja Pvt. Ltd.
Organization: Him Urja Pvt. Ltd.
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: India
City: New Delhi
Phone: +911126284229
WebSite: www.himurja.co.in
EMail: rcbijlwan@himurja.co.in
Details: To share my experiences of more than 35 years in Hydro Power field for the betterment of the Hydro Power Industry.
BLACK GLENN Owner Project Development Pioneer Systems
Organization: Pioneer Systems
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: Canada
City: Providence Bay
Phone: 705-377-4039
Mobile: 705-348-2229
WebSite: pioneer-sys.net
EMail: gblack@pioneer-sys.net
Details: We all need to work together, as hydro-electric is the most economic and most environmentally-friendly form of power generation.
BOERMA PIM MSc Associations PUM
Organization: PUM
Field Of Activity: Associations
Country: Netherlands
City: Velp
Phone: +31641339995
Mobile: +31641339995
WebSite: www.pum.nl
EMail: pboerma52@gmail.com
Details: Senior business and management consultant
BOILY JACQUES Dir. Development Power Producer Hydromega Services inc.
Dir. Development
Organization: Hydromega Services inc.
Field Of Activity: Power Producer
Country: Canada
City: Montreal
Phone: 514-392-9266
WebSite: www.hydromega.com
EMail: jboily@hydromega.com
Details: Experienced IPP looking for new opportunties around the world.
BOONSONG PIBOON V.P Project Developer GMS Power PLC
Organization: GMS Power PLC
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Phone: 6623022062
Mobile: 66818123363
EMail: khunpiboon@yahoo.com
Details: I wish to be updated about news and technology.
BOULOS ISKANDER Project Manager Utilities, Regulators & Agencies Ontario Power generation
Project Manager
Organization: Ontario Power generation
Field Of Activity: Utilities, Regulators & Agencies
Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Phone: 416 592 8226
Mobile: 416 819 5653
WebSite: opg.com
EMail: iskander.boulos@opg.com
Details: As OPG Manager of Hydro Business Development, I have a special interest in developing hydro sites.
BOULOS ISKANDER Senior Business development manager Project Development Ontario Power generation
Senior Business development manager
Organization: Ontario Power generation
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: Canada
City: Thornhill
Phone: 905 707 0221
Mobile: 416 819 5653
WebSite: http://www.opg.com
EMail: miboulos@gmail.com
Details: having a career in small hydro development, managing developing one in Ontario, Canada, and developing the next 10 MW one, I would like to add value and make it doable to utilize all hydro resources ahead of any other energy alternative. small hydro is green, has the lonest service life (100 years and more), and enriches socioeconomic benefits in the communities around it.
BöXLER ARMIN Sales Director Equipment Suppliers – Other haacon gmbh
Sales Director
Organization: haacon gmbh
Field Of Activity: Equipment Suppliers – Other
Country: Germany
City: Freudenberg
Phone: +499375840
WebSite: www.haacon.com
EMail: hebetechnik@haacon.de
Details: haacon is producer of sluice gate drives on basis of rack jacks or spindle jacks, both manual or electric driven up to 100 tons. We also deliver control boxes.
BOZEC GAEL Director Consultants - Project management Bozec International Ltd
Organization: Bozec International Ltd
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Project management
Country: UnitedKingdom
City: Godstone
Phone: 447713256038
Mobile: 447713256038
WebSite: www.bozecinternational.com
EMail: gaelbozec@gmail.com
Details: I have been involved in hydropower and water resources for 12 years. I am working as a business development director in this industry. Very good knowledge of turbine manufacturers and hydromechanical companies. My company helps private developers to outsource equipment internationally.
BRADLEY CHRIS Director Financiers Rimu Resource
Organization: Rimu Resource
Field Of Activity: Financiers
Country: Australia
City: Sydney NSW
Phone: 0410145305
Mobile: 0410145305
WebSite: www.rimuresource.com
EMail: chrisbradley@rimuresource.com
Details: Strong interest in finance of and investment in "water to wire"/ off grid small hydro run of river for indy/mining and community
BRADLEY CHRIS mr Financiers Rimu Resource
Organization: Rimu Resource
Field Of Activity: Financiers
Country: Australia
City: Sydney
Phone: +61410145305
Mobile: +61410145305
EMail: co_bradley@yahoo.com
Details: Finance & Invest of small hydro water to wire solutions for off-grid Civil and mining venture
BRAUN TYLER Engineer Consultants - Engineering Kleinschmidt
Organization: Kleinschmidt
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: USA
City: Strasburg
Phone: 717.687.7211
WebSite: http://www.kleinschmidtusa.com/
EMail: tyler.braun@kleinschmidtusa.com
Details: Hydropower engineering consultant with experience in construction and commissioning services, energy analysis, powerhouse and mechanical systems design, equipment selection and procurement assistance, and turbine-generator erection.
BRENT DR.RICHARD CEO Engineering and Operations US Hydro Inc
Organization: US Hydro Inc
Field Of Activity: Engineering and Operations
Country: USA
City: Dundalk
Phone: 4435252255
WebSite: www.ushpi.com
EMail: ushydoinc@gmail.com
Details: We provide domestic and international small,micro, pico hydropower as well as USTDA consulting and Subject Matter Expert reviews

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