ANNEX II - Small Scale Hydropower - IEA Implementing Agreement

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People listed in this directory are qualified individuals interested in providing information about small hydro to the general public. To be added to this directory, please SIGN UP or modify your ACCOUNT SETTINGS if you are logged in.

Last Name First Name Title/Role Field of Activity Company/Organisation Contact Details
BROWN TRAVIS Senior Eng Consultants - Engineering Knight Piesold
Senior Eng
Organization: Knight Piesold
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: Canada
City: Vancouver
Phone: 6046850543
WebSite: www.knightpiesold.com
EMail: tbrown@knightpiesold.com
Details: Local industry is moving toward smaller run of river projects and would like to refine my design references for capacity projects.
BUCH HARIN Director Project Development EcoLogic Power Developments Private Limited
Organization: EcoLogic Power Developments Private Limited
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: India
City: New Delhi
Phone: 011-28087996
Mobile: 9868305095
EMail: spdplhydro@gmail.com
Details: To interact extensively with small hydro community
BUTT KAMIL Civil Engineer Project Development Hitech Rebar Ltd
Civil Engineer
Organization: Hitech Rebar Ltd
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: Canada
City: Calgary
Phone: 1-780-240-4444
EMail: kbutt@ualberta.ca
Details: I have enjoyed working on Hydro projects (2 so far) and presently working on a MEng degree project. I would like to explore the site and go through publications and library resources.
BUTT EJAZ GENERAL MANAGER(Hydropower & Dams) Consultants - Engineering Engineering General Consultants(A subsidiary of SMEC Intl. Austarlia)
GENERAL MANAGER(Hydropower & Dams)
Organization: Engineering General Consultants(A subsidiary of SMEC Intl. Austarlia)
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
Phone: +92-42-35754751
Mobile: +92-3344065470
EMail: ijazbutt61@yahoo.com
Details: I am M.Sc. in Hydropower Development in 1995 and have more than 25 years experience in Planning, Design and Construction of Small, Medium and Large Hydropower Projects in Pakistan and other countries. Very much interested to have updates about Small and Large Hydropower projects around the world.
CABRAL NICHOLAS President Power Producer Goose River Hydro, Inc.
Organization: Goose River Hydro, Inc.
Field Of Activity: Power Producer
Country: USA
City: Belfast
Phone: 2076044394
Mobile: 2076044394
EMail: ncabral00@gmail.com
Details: As a budding small hydropower entrepreneur, I am always looking for new contacts, advice and council in my endeavors. Although I am only 24, I have a lot of small hydro experience, purchasing and rehabilitating my first site at age 22. I am a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and have my USCG 3rd Assistant Engineer's license of Unlimited Horsepower, my main job and source of funds to do what I love - HYDRO! I would like to make it my full time work.
CAMPBELL COLIN Sales & Marketing Manager Manufacturers HydroWorks
Sales & Marketing Manager
Organization: HydroWorks
Field Of Activity: Manufacturers
Country: NewZealand
City: Christchurch
Phone: +64 3 365 8777
WebSite: www.hydroworks.com
EMail: colin@hydroworks.co.nz
Details: HydroWorks specialises in the design and manufacture of large turbines and associated equipment for the hydro generating industry. Formed in 2001 to design water turbines up to 30MW, HydroWorks have developed a range of Kaplan, Pelton, Francis and Propeller turbines with state of the art efficiencies and superb resistance to cavitation. We design, manufacture and supply: • Turbines up to 30 MW • Large valves (for most hydro and water supply applications) • Hydraulic gates (radial and sluice) • Complete ‘water to wire’ contracts in joint venture relationships We also provide support services in the following areas: • Mechanical design • FEA analysis • CFD of turbomachinery components and associated structures • Transients analysis and mathematical modelling of hydro schemes • Feasibility studies of new schemes • Shaft and bearing critical speed analysis.
CANAS VAGNER Eng. Consultants - Project management CANAS, S.A.
Organization: CANAS, S.A.
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Project management
Country: Portugal
City: Paião
Phone: +351 233 900 900
WebSite: www.canas.pt
EMail: vagner.canas@canas.pt
Details: We are a portuguese company with 34 year of experiance and we are developing in Mozambique and Angola, some important Small Dam projects,and hall electrical supply to near villages. Best regards, Vagner Canas
CANNIBAL GEN Director Consultants - Environmental ProGenus Environmental
Organization: ProGenus Environmental
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Environmental
Country: UnitedKingdom
City: Glasgow
Phone: +141 5488119
Mobile: 07545 959835
WebSite: www.progenus.co.uk
EMail: gen.cannibal@progenus.co.uk
Details: ProGenus Environmental Ltd co-ordinate and present an experienced and highly specialist hydrology team which are able to deliver small scale hydropower projects form the cradle to the grave. Our team of hydrologists, hydrology engineers and environmental planners have the entire range of scales required for project initial assessment to implementation. We have work on small scale scheme in some of the most sensitive environments in Scotland to maximize all environmental benefits that a scheme provides. We are working closely with community group to ensure people benefit to the maximum extent from their own energy resources. We deliver permit in line with the EU EIA directive, the Habitats Directive and Water Framework Directive, as well as deliver community schemes under range of funding mechanisms.
CANTIN PABLO Mr Consultants - Project management Global Minds Chile
Organization: Global Minds Chile
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Project management
Country: Chile
City: Santiago
Phone: +56995307184
WebSite: www.globalminds.cl
EMail: contacto@globalminds.cl
Details: Im a project adviser for an important Chilean corportation (CAP Group) which is developing several power stations in Chile and is currently looking for international partnerships.
CARR BRIAN U.S. Sales Manager Equipment Suppliers – Other Binsfeld Engineering
U.S. Sales Manager
Organization: Binsfeld Engineering
Field Of Activity: Equipment Suppliers – Other
Country: USA
City: Maple City
Phone: 231-334-4383
WebSite: www.binsfeld.com
EMail: brian@binsfeld.com
Details: Manufacturers of the TorqueTrak products; for torque measurement and shaft power monitoring on rotating drive shafts.
CASOTTO ENRICO Environmental Engineer Consultants - Engineering HMR
Environmental Engineer
Organization: HMR
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: Italy
City: Padova
Phone: 00390498888888
EMail: e.casotto@hmr.it
Details: Programs, regulations and small hpp to be studied
ÇELA REZART Adviser Project Development Project Development Statkraft Albania Sh.p.k.
Adviser Project Development
Organization: Statkraft Albania Sh.p.k.
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: Albania
City: Tirana
Phone: +35542221666
Mobile: +3553552026139
EMail: rezart.cela@statkraft.com
Details: I appreciate this website, I believe this is a place of gaining & sharing experience on best international practices through the information provided and forum discussions.
CENIZA HECTOR Engr. Project Developer Leyte IV Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO IV)
Organization: Leyte IV Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO IV)
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: Philippines
City: Hilongos
Phone: +63 053 567-9349
Mobile: +639176736007
EMail: hectorceniza@yahoo.com
Details: Greetings and Good day! On-going development of 750KW mini-hydro project. Undergoing permitting applications from respective government agencies. Already finished with the comprehensive feasibility study.
CHAITON ALF President Project Developer Tweedsmuir Green Power Group
Organization: Tweedsmuir Green Power Group
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: Canada
City: Ottawa
Phone: 613-729 6512
EMail: alf.chaiton@rogers.com
Details: We develop micro hydro projects (under 4m) using proprietary technology that is highly efficient for very low heads and increasingly inefficient above 5m.
CHAKRAVARTY TARUN Mr. Consultants - Engineering Energy Consultants
Organization: Energy Consultants
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: India
City: Guwahati
Phone: +91 361 267 5155
Mobile: +91 9435559170
EMail: tarunkc90@hotmail.com
Details: We would like to introduce ourselves as consultants working in the power sector mainly hydro electric projects of any size. At present we are covering the whole Himalayan belt covering whole of Northern, North-eastern India including Nepal and Bhutan. The North-eastern region and other Mountainous States, like Sikkim, Himachal and other Northern States have a huge growth potentiality in non-conventional source of energy like hydroelectric power due to the topography, which provides ideal conditions for development of hydro projects and are characterized by very high PLF due to abundant rainfall and snow cover at higher altitudes also contributes to this effect. Contact details: Tarun K Chakravarty (Energy Consultant) +91-9435559170
CHEN JEFFREY BD Manager Project Developer Massy Energy
BD Manager
Organization: Massy Energy
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: TrinidadAndTobago
City: San Fernando
Phone: 868-659-2666
WebSite: www.massyenergy.com
EMail: jeffrey.chen@massygroup.com
Details: Interested in developing small hydro projects in the Caribbean Region
CHERVONENKO IVAN dr. Organizations National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"
Organization: National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"
Field Of Activity: Organizations
Country: Ukraine
City: Kharkiv
Phone: +380669459515
WebSite: omsroot@kpi.kharkov.ua
EMail: Chervonenko_Ivan@mail.ru
Details: National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Department of Electric Power Stations 2, Kyrpychova str., 61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine
CHOKKALAL NARAYANAN Naidu Project Developer Patel Engineering Limited
Organization: Patel Engineering Limited
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: India
City: Bhalukpong
Phone: 03782234064
EMail: Narayanan.85@rediffmail.com
Details: I am a qualified engineer having more than 30 years experience in Hydro power project construction,developing and commissioning. Having working experience in gulf countries in hydro power project.
CHOTIRASO PHIMOL Project Manager Project Development CST Green Energy
Project Manager
Organization: CST Green Energy
Field Of Activity: Project Development
Country: Thailand
City: Khaorupchang
Phone: +6674320654
Mobile: +66873475916
EMail: phimol.chotiraso@cstge.com
Details: We would like to be a part of clean energy development for local and global benefits.
COLLINS JON Director Consultants - Engineering Oakorn Engineering Services LTD
Organization: Oakorn Engineering Services LTD
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: UnitedKingdom
City: Wrexham
Phone: +44 7766562345
EMail: joncollins@oakorn.co.uk
Details: We are small renewable energy consultancy in North Wales with 25 years experience in advising on sustainable solutions. With recent improvements in small hydro technologies along with UK incentives we are keen to promote possible use of this technology to farmers & small scale developers.
CRUZ DIEGO Mechanical Engineer Power Producer Vatia SA ESP
Mechanical Engineer
Organization: Vatia SA ESP
Field Of Activity: Power Producer
Country: Colombia
City: Cali
Phone: +5726652400
Mobile: +573206802518
WebSite: www.vatia.com.co
EMail: difercruz@yahoo.com
Details: I'm interesting to start personal business in developing small hydro powers in Colombia and Latin American. There is interesting opportunities in this field, especially in Colombia.
CUTHBERTSON-BLACK ROBERT Manager, Small Hydro Consultants - Engineering SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Manager, Small Hydro
Organization: SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Field Of Activity: Consultants - Engineering
Country: Canada
City: Winnipeg
Phone: (204) 786-8080
WebSite: www.snclavalin.com
EMail: robert.cuthbertson-black@snclavalin.com
Details: On-going participation in the identification and development of proposals for small hydro development across Canada, specifically remote area of the North and northern Ontario.
DALANSING CHARLES Project Developer tawau green energy
Organization: tawau green energy
Field Of Activity: Project Developer
Country: Malaysia
City: kota kinabalu
Phone: 06089202361
Mobile: 1028213636
WebSite: www.tgepower.com
EMail: ckd@tgepower.com
Details: We are developing small hydro power plants in our country. We would like some knowledges and experiences from you.
DAU BRIAN Mr Research and Development florence young christian school
Organization: florence young christian school
Field Of Activity: Research and Development
Country: SolomonIslands
City: honiara
Phone: 23043
Mobile: 7428546
EMail: daubrian4@gmail.com
Details: Iam a high school teacher who is really interested in small scale hydro power generation to supply power needs of schools in our remote areas. Given the difficulties in getting fuel to remote areas Iam really kind in getting this technology to our schools in our provinces. the first one I want to set will be use as a proto type to get other schools to use hydro because of the abundance of rives and streams in a rural setting
DAVISON GARY CEO Research and Development Environmental Energy Systems, Inc.
Organization: Environmental Energy Systems, Inc.
Field Of Activity: Research and Development
Country: USA
City: Highwood
Phone: 406-868-7881
Mobile: 406-868-7881
EMail: gjdavison@hotmail.com
Details: I would like to be added to Small-Hydro.com because I have two patents and one patent application at the USPTO now; all having to do with hydrokinetic energy. Also, I am applying for a DOE grant Phase I SBIR/STTR and want to keep abreast of the current technologies and research, etc.

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