ANNEX II - Small Scale Hydropower - IEA Implementing Agreement

Potential Sites

WE ARE SOLICITING DATA for potential small hydro sites that have good potential for development around the world. If you would like to use this tool to feature your country's or region's potential sites, please fill in the Small Hydro Contact Form below. We also intend on developing a similar tool to showcase existing small scale hydropower sites around the world. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing details of operating small hydro project(s) on this website to help promote small scale hydropower development.

The database of potential sites is intended to provide key data for potential sites in countries around the world with a focus on sites that are either being actively promoted for development (e.g., sites where studies have indicated potential feasibility) or sites that have good potential for development because they meet certain criteria (e.g., sites at existing dams or other infrastructure or greenfield sites in areas where development would likely be environmentally and socially acceptable).

To assist with the preliminary evaluation of potential sites, the database has been tailored to facilitate the use of the internationally accepted site assessment tool: Download RETScreen®, which is available in 35+ languages and is used by more than 325,000 people in 222 countries and territories. The potential sites tool gives users the option of creating RETScreen (.ret) data files for direct use with the RETScreen tool.

Potential sites database information fields

Fields for RETScreen Method 1 analysis
  • Project name
  • Project location
  • Prepared for
  • Prepared by
  • Power capacity (known or estimated)
  • Incremental initial costs (estimated or calculated based on approximate cost per kW installed)
  • Capacity factor (known or estimated)
  • Electricity export rate (rate as offered or rate required for financial feasibility)
  • Inflation rate (assumed)
  • Project life (can be assumed to be 40 years)
  • Debt ratio
  • Debt interest rate
  • Debt term
  • Incentives and grants
  • O&M (savings) costs
This information is sufficient to perform a very preliminary, Method 1 RETScreen evaluation to give an indication of conditions under which the site would be viable financially. RETScreen files are included for each site with a completed “starting point” Method 1 analysis. Instructions are provided in the “Tools” sheet. If the results of the Method 1 analysis are positive, RETScreen can be used to evaluate projects in more detail using the Method 2 analysis. Refer to the RETScreen website for more details.

Additional fields for RETScreen Method 2 analysis
  • Gross head (based on accurate site surveying)
  • Hydrology (based on supplementary studies)
  • Design flow (selected based on hydrology and annual energy)
  • Maximum hydraulic losses (based on conceptual project design)
  • Generator efficiency
  • Costing (based on conceptual project design and RETScreen formula costing tool or quantities and unit costs)

To access the Potential Sites, click on the links below:
CANADA - Ontario potential sites at existing dams  USA – Potential sites at non-powered dams
Use this link download the RETScreen Assessment Tool
RETScreen Tool

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